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Friday, May 2, 2008

Mommy Minute

I'm turning into my mother. Things I said I would never do, I now do. (Big example -- I said I would NEVER fall asleep during a TV show or movie and then wake up and ask my husband what happened. Oops ... I do that regularly now ...)

Anyway, as I was typing my "conversation" above, I typed, "Just a minute." Reminded me that when we were growing up and my mom said that, we knew what she actually meant was, "Just a MOMMY minute." Did anyone else call them "Mommy Minutes"? That's when your mom says it will be a minute, and then it takes her another 10 or more.

I figured I'd never make my kids experience the Mommy minute. However, now that I have a zillion things going at once I realize why a Mommy minute even exists. I figure if I'm lucky, then at the end of the Mommy minute the kids have forgotten whatever it was they asked about and I'm off the hook ... although that isn't usually the case.

Unfortunately for my kids, they get to experience many Mommy minutes. Fortunately for them, though, it's usually because I'm doing something else they need or want ... although they will probably not realize it until they are parents themselves!!!

Mom, how you ever survived eight of us I just can't figure out ...

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