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Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Zachary

My baby boy turned five last week. Where did the time go?!? They always say it flies by, and I guess it really does.

In any case, Zachary wanted a spider birthday cake and a spider party. He's terrified of real spiders, so maybe this was his self-therapy attempt. :) He won't go into the backyard for the rest of the day if he sees a spider out there. Let's not go onto the other .2 acres, let's focus on that itsy-bitsy spider. I regress ...

So, the frosting had to be blue and they HAD to be black widows. Oh, I forgot to mention that every spider he sees is probably a black widow. Again, maybe he's just trying to get over the fear. A red M&M had to suffice to make each ding-dong spider a black widow ... although you couldn't see them once they got onto the blue spider-web cake. (The spiders had to have blue eyes, too, because that's Zachary's favorite color.)

I love that the back spider looks like it has a mouth. Thanks, Hostess, for giving us an imperfect Ding-Dong. (On a side note, Paul doesn't think Ding Dongs are as yummy as he did as a kid.)

Anyway, I was very excited to give Zachary his gifts since I made them and figured he'd LOVE them. He's totally into Superman, so I made him a cape much like one my little brother had growing up. He's excited about it, but he doesn't insist on wearing it to the store or anything:

And since my boys are totally into Star Wars these days I went a step further and even made him a Darth Vader cape. The details on the front of Vader's chest weren't the easiest to copy, but I think I did pretty good. (Star Wars fans, go ahead and check for accuracy!) Anyway, Zachary thinks when he wears the cape he better make a face like Darth Vader since we don't have a mask. I had to really keep from laughing about this one:

How cute!


Dashley said...

That is hilarious that he wanted a spider cake after you just recently posted that bit about paying your kids when they see a spider! Sounds like he is getting over his fear? And your ideas are so cute! I love the ding-dong spider! :)

Hilary said...

That's why I moved back close to you, Denise. I lost my creative half when we got married and separated. Not to say Lee isn't creative -- cause he REALLY is!! But you do the creative Mom things -- make cute cakes, sew great costumes. I curled my daughter's hair this morning. Does that count for anything?