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Saturday, April 19, 2008


OKay, does anyone out there know a good Cody? No offense to any Codys, but I have never met one who was not a deliquent or mean or just plain annoying. I've been paying attention my whole life, and I have yet to meet one Cody I really liked. Mind you, the only two Codys I've known were both juvenile deliquents; however, from everyone I've ever asked, I've never heard someone say, "Yes, I know a great Cody." And I've asked A LOT of people ...

Why do I care? Well, I could have been a Cody. That's right. The boy's name my parents had picked out for me was Cody. But I was a girl, so I got Denise instead. Is it possible my whole destiny could have been different had I been a Cody? Would I have been a trouble-maker instead of the perfect child I was? (Good thing my mom's Blogspot is in Korean so she can't comment on that one!) My sister does know and like a GIRL named Cody, so this must apply only to the guys with the name.

So, once again I ask, does anyone out there know a good guy named Cody???


David & Heidi said...

I did grow up with a good Cody, so I know of that one, but all the rest are not so wonderful.

Hilary said...

I know only one Cody. He was able to baptize his Dad in the Sweetwater River just before heading on a mission to New York. Good kid!

But what I really think of when you say Cody is Cody, Wyoming. And when I think of Cody, Wyoming, I think of their swimming pool. And when I think of their swimming pool, I think of playing hearts with teammates during diving. Good memories. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Cody. Oh, um..., I mean Denise.

Dashley said...

I know two Codys. One is a friend of Derek's at UW and he is super nice. The other Cody is the one Hil just mentioned but his name is spelled with a K. Does that make a difference? If I was a boy my name would be Dane. I only know one Dane and that is my cousin. His parents took the name with my parents permission. Anyway, hope you are having a great day!