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Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Yesterday was the five-year anniversary of my last day of (paid) work. I quit my prestigious job of doing public relations for T-Mobile and other companies (Microsoft, SAP, PogoPet) to change diapers, clean up messes and try to decipher baby talk. That's right, I decided to stay home full time with my kids. At the time I was one day overdue with Zachary, and Tyler was 20 months old.

I remember having a chain to count down the days -- not until Zachary was born (since I knew he would be late), but until my last day of work. My first day of being home was my birthday -- happy birthday to me!!!

My how the time flies. I couldn't believe it when I realized this week that I've been home full time for five years. There is nothing to make you feel as incompetent, useless and, well, stupid than being a mom. I get to the point when I think I have it about figured out, and then one or more of the kids throw a curve ball at me. However, overall I think I'm doing okay. At least I haven't been fired or demoted, so I guess that's a good sign. :)

I am grateful that I get to be home with my kids, although it is a whole lot harder than working full-time. I still remember when I babysat for a friend's little boy and she called to say she was staying home sick. Then she called back about 30 minutes later and said she changed her mind -- going to the office was going to be easier than staying home with a toddler when she wasn't feeling well. How true!!! Moms never get a day off for sickness! (So let me just warn you to never ask me the question about whether or not I work ... see previous blog entry about that one! :)

Anyway, I worked in a career that was so fast-paced and intense that many people burned out after just a few years in the field. (Yes, those Microsoft people really are work-aholics!) And that job was a piece of cake compared with motherhood. However, I'm grateful that I get this hard job: It's got way better benefits; I'm not missing a second of my kids' lives, even when sometimes I would rather; I never have to feel like I'm being overpaid; my "co-workers" (mom friends) are a lot more enjoyable than my co-workers ever were -- they don't mind throw-up or potty stories and even share a few of their own; etc., etc., etc. :)

I am very grateful for a wonderful husband who goes to work everyday so I can stay home and make sure our kids are safe and sound at home. I am grateful that Paul is talented and blessed enough to have a job that provides well enough for our needs. Although money is often tight, we are blessed to have exactly what we need ... and even a little scrapbooking stuff in addition. :)

In any case, I just wanted to share the joy.

(Paul - I included PogoPet for you ... I hope you appreciate it! :)


Paul & Denise said...

I do appreciate that you mentioned PogoPet. How is the world surviving with the lack of websites dedicated to pets. Maybe people get by with the very few pet stores the exist...

Dashley said...

Oh Denise- you said it! Your blog was so refreshing. I often feel stupid and useless because I am not "working." Derek and I have had many conversations about what "working" means. Growing up it meant chopping wood, swimming 6,000 yards, studying for 3 major tests, etc. "working" now is playing with a cute baby, folding cute baby clothes, giving cute baby a bath, fixing fun new recipes, etc. I tell Derek that I feel bad that he does so much "work" and feel too guilty to ask him for help! So, again, thank you! Your post has cheered me.