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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A-Z About Me

Thanks, Ashley for the fun idea. I've seen lots of these, but this one is different than the one I see circulated most.

A. Attached or Single? Attached.

B. Best Friend? The one I married, or the one I didn't? I'll let Paul and Hilary fight over this "title."

C. Cake or Pie? Depends on the type; depends on the day. Love an orange poppy-seed cake I make sometimes (no oil in it, but VERY moist), as well as a Skor cake (to DIE for!) and German Chocolate. I also like cherry pies, apple pies, cream pies, etc., etc., etc. Prefer brownies over both of 'em.

D. Day of Choice? Depends on my schedule. Sometimes it's during the week when I have nothing to do (which rarely happens), and sometimes it's on the weekend when we have fun family plans.

E. Essential Items? Essential for what? Usually only food, water and air are essential. Oh, and brownies.

F. Favorite Color? If it's Tyler asking, green. If it's Zachary asking, blue. If it's you asking, I don't really care!!!

G. Gummy Bears or Worms? Worms. They don't taste better, but they're way more fun.

H. Hometown? Mapleton, Utah. (Lived there before all the rich people moved in!)

I. Indulgence? Dreyers ice-cream, and eating it after the kids are in bed. It's so extremely yummy, but it's pricey. We only buy it on sale. I also indulge in a scrapbooking item here and there ...

J. January or July? I prefer May or October ...

K. Kids? Yes, four. Our first child, Tyler, is 6 years old. Our second, Zachary, turned 5 this week. Our third, Becca, turned 14 this month! Our baby, Shayla, is no longer a baby and will soon be 2!

L. Life isn't complete without? Happiness

M. Marriage Date? 11-4-00. B-day? 4-11. Hubby knows any combo of the numbers 11 and 4 means GIFT!!!

N. Number of Brothers & Sisters? 4 sisters, 3 brothers. I'm a middle child (4 of 8).

O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges!

P. Phobia or Fears? I have a few, but I think the most bizarre is that if I'm driving with my window down a rock will be thrown up by a passing motorist and hit me in the head. It may not kill me, I suppose, but it didn't do Goliath any good to be hit in the head w/a stone!!! Fortunately the chances of it happening are very slim. But if it ever does, you'll be impressed that I had reason to fear ...

Q. Quote? One by John Groberg that says basically that the Lord will stop us if we're going in the wrong direction for us -- not that it's wrong for other people, but if it's wrong for us. It's too long to type here. So instead I'll type this one: "Enduring to the end is like shaving -- No matter how well you do it today, you have to do it again tomorrow." No idea who said it.

R. Reason to Smile? Because people think I'm ticked if I'm not. Lovely facial features I've inherited ...

S. Season of Choice? Spring or Fall. Spring is such a welcome relief after the cold, wet winter. The blooming plants are awesome. Then again, Fall is a welcome relief to the hot summer and the changing leaves are pretty all over the mountainside.

T. Tag 5 people? I don't believe in online tagging. Or forwarding any message that says to forward it. Favorite Web site? Snopes.com. It tells you if most of the stuff you get via e-mail is true, and most of it isn't!!!

U. Unknown Fact about Me? I can do great impressions of any adult on Charlie Brown. Oh, and my kindergarten teacher married a man named Charlie Brown. Oh, and my first Christmas tree as a Brown was a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that I didn't pick out. (Does that mean I am related?)

V. Vegetable? California Blend: Carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I'm trying to like others, but I just don't. I finally figured out that I can handle grape tomatoes or sugar babies (a small, sweet tomato that's yellow). Let me know if you know how to cook any others so I'll like them more!!!

W. Worst Habit? Being lazy about my spirituality.

X. X-ray or Ultrasound? Depends on who is giving the ultrasound. My first one was so extremely painful that I thought I would get bruises. It was on my birthday and was miserable! For my second one, I told the lady if she didn't let me use the restroom I would go right there on the table. Fortunately she believed me, because I really was going to. Good news with Shayla was that I didn't have to drink tons of water before (HOORAY for advances in technology!) and the guy was such a pro that it didn't hurt, we got great pics, and he got the gender right!!!

Y. Your Favorite Food? Too many to name. That's why I'm a little overweight, huh?

Z. Zodiac Sign? Aries

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Hilary said...

I'm already planning on meeting up with Derek to fight over Ashley, but then I'll be available for a duel with Paul. :)