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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My "new" hand mixer

I helped my sister with her charity yard sale for Cystic Fibrosis a couple of weekends ago and came home with a few "new" items, one of them being a hand mixer. This mixer was brand new -- still in the original packaging and never used. However, this "new" blender is actually 25 years old.

Am I nuts for picking up such an old appliance? Last year my sister Rebecca gave me a hand mixer she got as a wedding gift. I haven't used one for years, because I lost one beater and have never bought another one. However, the blender she gave us was TOO powerful! Even on the lowest setting things were flying out of the bowl everywhere. Needless to say, I used it once and returned it to Walmart. (BTW, Becky, thanks for the $11.)

Yes, I could have bought a new one then. But I figured that I've gone this long mixing by hand that I could keep mixing by hand. Then there it was at the yard sale new and never used -- and my sister GAVE it to me since nobody else bought it. Yup, a free new hand mixer. Can you believe nobody else bought it? :)

So, again, why would I want something so old? I am of the opinion that older applicances are a lot more sturdy and reliable. My parents bought a freezer in 1970 and it still works just great. Do you think the freezer we bought a couple of years ago will last 40 years? I don't think so. In fact, our freezer was one of the few that still had a 10-year warranty on it. Now manufacturers give a 1-year warranty. ONE YEAR! Any appliance you buy gives you only one year warranty. Excuse me, I spend how much and you guarantee the quality of your product for only one year?!?

Anyway, I've seen people who still use blenders, slow cookers and ovens that look ancient -- but they still work. In fact, I once went to an Enrichment meeting where they had us each cook something in a slow cooker. The women were joking about how you could tell how long someone has been married by how old their slow cooker looks. They teased me for being a newlywed, which I was in comparison to most of them! :) But their old 20 to 30-year-old slow cookers still worked.

So, although my hand mixer is nearly 30 years old already, it should last me for another 10 years or more. Now if I can just keep track of BOTH beaters this time ...

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Family of 7 said...

So, I have to agree parts were made so much better back in the day. But, Energy Efficient is the key I look for. Small appliances no big deal but, fridge, freezers, washer, dryers...the old ones use tons more energy and can cost you a pretty penny on Electric Bills. I must say I love my new front loaders (washer/dryer) as I cut my water bill in half every month and I can do more laundry quicker. Now, not to say they will last me as long but, I do save money every month that they have paid for themselves in a years time. Had the same experience with a new fridge a few years back as well! It's the parts to fix the products that are a fortune and just aren't made as well that's such a drag.