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Friday, May 9, 2008


So, I mentioned in yesterday's blog about the boys sharing a Star Wars T-shirt. I know they're good about sharing shirts now, because they've been sharing a Spiderman shirt for about a year now. Every time it goes through the laundry I just ask them whose turn it is and they tell me.

Why do they share the shirt? It's actually a very cute story:

One evening as a part of bedtime stories, Paul pulled out his memory book and showed the boys pictures of when he was as young as they are. They got very excited when they saw his kindergarten picture, and not because Tyler had just finished kindergarten. Paul was wearing a Spiderman shirt!

Boys: “Daddy, what happened to your Spiderman shirt?”

Daddy: “I’m not sure. I’m guessing Grandma Brown got rid of it when I got too big.”

Boys: “Will you ask her? Maybe she still has it!”

Daddy: “I don’t think she still has it, but I’ll ask her.”

So, next time he was on the phone with his mom, he said, “I know you’ve got a bunch of stuff in storage. Any chance you still have that Spiderman shirt I wore in my kindergarten picture?”

Carol, who didn’t realize he was joking, said, “Well, Paul, that was a long time ago!” Paul explained how excited the boys had been about seeing their dad wearing a Spiderman shirt.

A few weeks later a package came in the mail with a new Spiderman T-shirt and a note from Grandma saying that she thought someone could use the shirt. I was worried the boys would fight over it, but they’ve been very good about taking turns. And each time they wear it, they do so with pride that they’re wearing a Spiderman shirt just like Daddy did.

I took pictures to scrapbook the story, so here they are. Check my gallery often to see when I finish the scrapbook page. :) Link to my gallery is on the bottom left of my blog.

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Hilary said...

So cute! And yes, I'm talking about you too Paul! That will be a fun scrapbook page.