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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yes, I love scrapbooking. And as of late I've got a scrapbooking idol -- my friend Autumn. I love her pages, because they don't just look great, but they also have stories and thoughts on them. As you look through her scrapbook, you get to know her and her family. (See what I'm talking about at http://www.simplescrapbooksmag.com/gallery/search.ihtml?designer_idx=108702)

Now, she'd probably be embarrassed to know I'm blogging praises to her work. But believe me, she's the best I've EVER seen. (I'm her unofficial scrappin' stalker. I'll ask her how to become official later ... :) Anyway, the reason I mention her is because she's inspired me to include more stories and information on my pages instead of just scrapbooking cute pictures.

So, now whenever the kids say something cute, instead of thinking, "I need to write that down," I think, "I need to scrapbook that! What picture should I use?" That's why I scanned the pic of Paul in the previous blog and took pics of the boys in their Spiderman shirt. Otherwise that cute, fun story would be forgotten. Now it's going to be a memory they'll cherish ... or at least I will. :)

If I can't convert you to scrappin' your life, at least I'll have fun doing mine! It's a great hobby that happens to also preserve some fun memories. I also enjoy it, because I get to do it with Becca, my mom, my sister (we're working on the other 3 sisters :) and several friends. Hopefully you never get as scrapbook-mental as I am, though, because last week I looked at Shayla's dress and thought, "That would be cute paper!" Maybe I'll scan it! ;)

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