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Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesterday at church we read a scripture that said something about a blossoming thistle. It reminded me of a woman in my parent's ward who is obsessed with the color purple. I really do mean obsessed. Her daughters are named Violet and Lavender. (Wouldn't Paul be happy -- he wanted to name all his kids colors ...) Anyway, someone asked them what they named their son: Thistle. Yes, the blossoms on a thistle are purple. Oh, my!

So, that got me wondering if I've ever been obsessed about something so much that it was obvious (and maybe even weird) to everyone around me. I realized our children's names weren't based on obsessions. I really think it would be funny if we named our next daughter Jetta since Paul LOVED the Jetta he bought in his bachelor days. (It got sold when we had Tyler since it was a little too pricey.) There is even a little girl on the Clifford cartoon named Jetta ... although she's the rude, selfish girl on the cartoon. I would do it for a laugh, but I don't think I like the name Jetta enough to do it.

So, no obsessions in names. Any others? I am a bit obsessed with scrapbooking, but not to the point that most people have even seen my pages. I'm obsessed with chocolate, but who isn't? Maybe I need to find an obsession. Paul and I see shows like Wife Swap and wonder if we are extreme enough at anything to make a good swap and therefore a good show. We can't figure out anything that would make a good swap for us -- we're pretty healthy eaters, but not to the point of cutting out goodies. We aren't the messiest bunch, but we aren't the cleanest, either. We don't get our kids involved in every little extra-curricular activity, but we don't sit on the couch all day, either. Are we just too ordinary?!?

Which brings me to yet another point: I plan on one day starting a PJNG scholarship at BYU. None of the recipients will know what PJNG stands for, but I'll share the little secret with you. This is going to be the Plain Jane/Nice Guy scholarship. It's going to be for someone like me -- too poor to pay for school, but whose parents make too much to qualify for grants (but not enough to pay for my school, either). Not smart enough to get an academic scholarship (after Freshman year, anyway), but smart enough to have a good overall GPA (3.6) and an even higher GPA in my major. Someone who tries to get involved in extra-curricular activities to gain experience and contacts, but who realizes the real reward of joining these activities is the new friends you make (which makes it worth the time and effort involved). It was going to be a Plain Jane scholarship until I mentioned it to my college friend Cameron who pointed out that he was just as average -- you know, a "Nice Guy."

In any case, we're too average to afford paying for a scholarship right now. But one day some public relations student at BYU is going to appreciate that extra money to appreciate how ordinary they are ... although they won't know that it was their plainess that earned the scholarship. In fact, maybe earning my scholarship will bump them up to a little above ordinary? Hadn't thought about that one. I guess I'll have to tweak the details before the scholarship begins.

And all this thinking during Sunday School because we read a scripture that said thistle ... Maybe I should obsess about listening better at church! :)

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Dashley said...

I loved this post. I have a thought. I think that being obsessed about certain things is a personality trait. I think this because it is part of my personality. If you don't have this trait it doesn't mean you are ordinary, it means you are well-rounded. Also, there is a difference between obsessed and having a passion. Obsession is overboard and a passion is healthy activity. For instance, your children and husband are your passion. Scrape booking, PR, and helping everyone you see are some of the other passions I think you have. So, basically you are EXTRAordinary or, in other words, just plain WONDERFUL! :)
Kudos on the scholarship thing. That is right up my alley! And just in case you were wondering and I feel like sharing- I am obcessed with the color purple, candy, and organizing. :) But my passions are my family and lately anything to do with my sewing machine.