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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Downtown Disney

My boys loved that they got to visit a Legos store in Downtown Disney. Next thing I know they're going to want us to try to build things like this:

Shayla, for whatever reason, decided to climb on the giraffe leg. Doesn't really matter, except that I got a very cute pic of her:

This pic I had to post just because it's funny. We ran into all kinds of people from Utah. However, it wasn't until we were home and looking through pics that I found this:

Yes, I know it looks like nothing special to you, but I was trying to get a picture of Shayla while everyone else was on the river run ride. People kept walking in front of me, so this was my best shot -- Shayla with her pediatrician. Yes, that's right -- I didn't even see him or know I had snapped a picture of him until we got home. (Yes, he is a young'un.) I did run into him much later in the park, but I had no idea he had made it into one of our pictures. I'll have to print it and take it in with us to our next appointment. :)

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