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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Primary program 2008

Today was our annual primary program. As mentioned about a year ago, I like these for two reasons:

1. They mean I actually get to listen to part of Sacrament Meeting since I'm not having to keep my kids quiet; and
2. I get to see how cute my kids are performing.

Last year I was quite disappointed w/the seating arrangements since Tyler was behind the podium and Zachary was hidden behind 11-year-olds. I was happy to note that today I could see both Tyler and Zachary easily from my seat way in the back.

Zachary was right in the front. I mean right in the front -- making him in a prime location. Yes, prime for everyone in the congregation to see him leaning over the railing and waving to me (cute). Prime for everyone to see him pick his nose (not cute -- but fortunately a very quick thing, especially compared to another little boy in his class). And prime for when he and one of the quads kept pretending to punch each other (also not cute -- and therefore requiring separation. The quad got moved one way and Zachary got moved the other way -- right behind the podium). Sigh. Now I know why they place 11-year-olds in front of five-year-olds! Apparently our new primary presidency didn't realize. (Ha! ;)

At first Tyler looked like a deer in the headlights. I think eventually he joined a song or two. Neither of my boys are great at singing along, but they seemed to do okay -- for boys. :) This year Tyler didn't spell MOM with his arms. In fact, he didn't even smile or wave at me. Is he too old this soon?!?

I was surprised at how touched I was to watch the primary do a song ("If the Savior Stood Beside Me") in sign language. I had worked with the chorister to teach her how to sign the song, and I got a little chuckle out of watching them teach it to the kids since some of the signs weren't taught correctly. (Isn't that horrible of me?! I'm not USUALLY that mean ...) However, it was really fun to see the kids doing it, and it made me realize what a slacker I have been at teaching my kids ASL! Hello, what good is a second language if I never use it? I'm not sure how best to teach it to them, but I should come up with a plan ... I keep thinking that, but I'll let you know if I finally (PAH!) get to it.

(For those of you wondering, the pah is an ASL thing ...)

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