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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Just had to post pics of my CUTE kids on Halloween.

We got off easy this year as far as costumes go. Tyler got a great hand-me-down from his cousin Cris -- a Batman costume that has a light-up bat on the chest:

Zachary wanted to be Superman with the cape I made him for his birthday. He agreed to this after I told him we could tie socks on his arms to look like muscles:

Becca is our only "difficult" one. She can't be talked into much of anything and therefore picks her own costumes. However, we did convince her to stick with the wig, even though she thought it looked silly. She got all her stuff out of our Halloween stash, and said she was the recycling queen. (I'm thinking the city should have sponsored her since they're trying to get enough households signed up to start recycling here!)

My favorite costumes this year were Shayla's and Paul's. I made Shayla's costume for about $3 since she already had the shorts. I was pretty impressed with my efforts, don't you agree?

Of course, none of my kids know who Pebbles Flintstone is. I heard one of the boys telling someone, "She's a girl from a show we've never seen." Oh, poor Flintstones ...

Anyway, Paul's costume was our "splurge" one this year at $14.99:

Tyler and Zachary, who have never seen the TV show Chuck, LOVED that their dad was going to be Chuck. (Tyler asked if we should curl Paul's hair so he looked more like the real Chuck. Paul didn't go for that. :) Chuck himself wasn't our intent, but close enough -- just a fellow member of the Nerd Herd.

This year is also the first year I remember my parents dressing up. Oh, except for one year my dad used a stuffed animal banana on his back to be the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which was a great costume. Remember that, Dad? :)

Needless to say, for people who usually don't dress up, I was impressed. Shayla wouldn't go near my mom for quite a while until she was convinced it was REALLY her:

The highlight of my night (in addition to hearing all over how cute my little Pebbles is) was when we were trick-or-treating and passed a ghost. I asked Shayla what ghosts say, and she said, "Peek-a-boo!" What a little cutie.

Hope you all had a great Halloween. :)

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the Rowleys said...

Cool Costumes! I like Pauls the best though. :) did you guys have fun trick or treating?