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Sunday, October 5, 2008

I survived General Conference ...

... I suppose I really should say my kids survived General Conference. I love the talks and inspirational messages we get to hear on conference weekend, but I also very much dislike trying to keep the kids quiet for eight hours so I can listen and be touched and inspired!!! I was e-mailed a conference packet that helped, but the four hours today were painful ... and my kids are lucky to have survived!

In any case, I LOVED President Monson's talk about enjoying the moments we are having. He seemed to be speaking mostly to moms of young kids. I think that message was aimed right at me! I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom, but I definitely don't enjoy this mothering thing as much as I thought I would. I love my kids tons, but I don't think I ever realized how much work and mental effort it takes to raise kids! (Mom, no wonder you keep thinking you're having "senior moments" -- having eight kids used your brain beyond repair!) I think sometimes I focus too much on how much work my kids are instead of just enjoying the journey.

This is exactly what President Monson said to do -- enjoy the journey. He said that one day we will surprise ourselves by actually missing smudges on newly cleaned surfaces, toys scattered about, and piles of laundry. I still don't think I can miss doing so much laundry, but I guess that's why it may surprise me one day to miss it.

I do know that I will definitely miss these days of the kids depending so much on me. I do get annoyed at times when they have to be in the same room I am in (I kicked them out to write this blog), but I'm sure one day I'll wish they wanted to be with me more.

I really do think my kids are at the perfect ages, and I am enjoying them a lot. Becca is still very enthusiastic about trying new things and feels grateful for what she has. Oh, and she's not driving yet! :) Tyler is very well-behaved and is just a great friend to those around him. He is especially sweet and often comes home and thanks me for the lunch I made for him to take to school. Zachary is enthusiastic about reading and loves that he gets to go to school now. He is behaving well and has learned to communicate rather than to hit! :) Shayla is just a doll. She's doing some "terrible two" things that I think will be solved the second she actually starts talking. In the meantime we still can't resist her fun and enthusiastic personality -- some may even call her spoiled ... :)

Anyway, I enjoyed many other talks during conference as well, and I'm grateful for inspired men and women who seem to know exactly what we need to hear, and for the Holy Ghost for whispering to our hearts the actions we need to take to become better followers of Christ.


Lizzylou said...

Thanks for the talk update. I must have missed that one. I had to take Danny to the E.R. Talk about bad parenting.........he jumped off the ledge in the playroom, and happen to have a 3/8 inch wooden dowel that he decided to stick in his mouth. Needless to say it punctured right through the back of his mouth leaving a deep hole. He is fine now, but it was a crazy day. Satan must not have wanted me to hear that talk!

Christina said...

I also loved that talk. He was speaking right to me as well. I need to enjoy my nights of hardly any sleep between my two, and know that some day I will really miss it. But for now I do need to smile at my little 4 month old and enjoy the time I get to be close to her each night.

Linda said...

Hey Denise,

I loved that talk also. I got a bit choaked up on that one. It was nice to be reminded of what is really important thats for sure!