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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun rides captured on film ... well, digital card ...

Didn't realize when I just typed my subject that it's totally outdated to say something is caught on film. :)

Okay, we loved our new camera on our trip. Have I mentioned that? ;) Anyway, we got some good pics of us on rides, some of which our old camera could not have done. We were very anxious to use it for Splash Mountain ... but I'm going to leave you in suspense on how those turned out ...

We started out with the Dumbo ride. We had heard that this ride takes forever to load and unload, and therefore we hit it first. Probably a good idea, because we only waited about 10 minutes to get on. Everyone loved it:

The first roller coaster we went on was Space Mountain. Now, for my boys who have never been on a roller coaster, maybe this wasn't the best idea. They didn't like it much, and it scared the snot out of Zachary. As soon as we got back into the light, he started pushing the bar and said, "Let me out! Let me out of here!" I felt bad that it was so scary. I was surprised that I didn't like it as much as I was used to. Probably didn't help that I haven't been on a roller coaster in close to 15 years myself ...

Well, now they take pics of you. We took pics w/our camera of the pictures they took of us. Look at poor Zachary (front right):

I don't think Becca was thrilled to go on it again, but it was her or nobody to go with Paul. She went and survived. :) Paul and Becca are the front here:

I was surprised at how much Shayla loved the rides, even the roller coaster in ToonTown. Here she is loving the teacups:

Here she is being brave and holding up her hands on the golden zephyr (Cali Adventures):

The raft ride was cool, although the drop was so fast I couldn't even tell if I had photographed the right raft. Good thing I did. You may have to click on this to get a better view of Becca (back) trying to avoid the splashing water:

Oh, and this is how wet they got in above picture:

Here I am (brave w/my hands in the air) on my turn:

We ended up not having time for Becca to be able to ride Cali Screamin'. It really was too bad, because I was sure I could get some good pics of them going upside down in Mickey's head shape. Anyway, Paul, Tyler and I went on it and they took this pic of us:

And now for Splash Mountain. This is what we were giddy to try with our new lens. I have to say that as excited as I was, I was so surprised to see a lady next to me taking pictures with a cheap, disposable film camera. Why even waste the film?!?

Anyway, I got nervous I'd miss Paul and the kids, but I got 'em:

And then he got me. I have never been a "put-my-hands-in-the-air" kind of girl, but I figured it would help him see me better. However, the person you need to look at most is Zachary. Even the pic Splash Mountain took didn't have that face! Click on it to see it bigger -- it's so sad to see how scared he looks!

Good news is that Zachary really did love the ride and went on it twice.

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the Rowleys said...

Poor Zachary! I'd have to say that I didn't like space moutain either! I was sure I was going to die when I rode on it and I was 12 or 13 years old.