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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Election coverage

So, does anyone out there REALLY trust the media? I can't stand how biased reporters are during elections! It kills me!

Yes, we live in a world where the media as a whole has a VERY liberal bias. I feel like I have room to talk on this topic. As a PR professional, I worked with members of the media nearly every day for years. And I'll let you in on a few secrets -- as a group reporters are a liberal bunch; they often don't have time to dig for facts as they have very short deadlines; and they have to come up with a "wow" factor to sell the story to their editors. I'm sure many members of the media think they're reporting with adequate knowledge and no bias, but it VERY rarely really happens that way. Mind you, that is a generalization, but it proved true with hundreds of reporters I had the pleasure of working with.

I was repeatedly annoyed during the beginnings of the war that a bunch of negative information came out of Iraq. We didn't hear much about how people were no longer being tortured. We didn't hear how women were now receiving educations after years of not being given the chance. We didn't hear how people had electricity on a regular basis, which was not the case during Saddam's reign. I talked to everyone I knew who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq (which, granted, wasn't a huge number), and they always said they were doing great work and the people there loved them and appreciated our sacrifices to give them rights every human deserves.

In any case, these biased views seem to especially dominate during presidential elections. As I mentioned, reporters in general are very liberal. Therefore, I don't feel like they want to give negative coverage to "their" candidates. I don't even trust the polls they tout, because oftentimes THEY are the ones conducting the polls (through independent research groups). You can ask a question in such a way to get the answers you want. (Yes, in PR we also learn how to write non-biased polls, and many I've heard just aren't.)

So, I've heard repeatedly about Sarah Palin being involved w/the controversy to get her ex-brother-in-law fired. However, I have yet to hear ONE member of the media mention that an internal investigation found that he had used his stun gun on a 10-year-old, because the boy wanted to see what it felt like. Uh, hello! No, we don't hear that. We hear that she's involved in a controversy. (Of course, I don't like to listen to the news, so maybe some did say it. However, in the 20+ times I've heard about the controversy, I have yet to hear anyone mention it.)

Did you happen to see the two candidates on the View? The Obamas were there giving "fist bumps" and exchanging pleasantries. When the McCains went on (admittedly later in the campaign), the women POUNDED them. Whoopie Goldberg actually got on McCain for saying he supported the constitution. She said that the constitution writers were slave holders and asked if he thought she should be a slave again. I almost died! Are you serious?!? How can anyone take you serious with comments like that? And yet somehow the "interview" was okay? BTW, I never watch The View, because I can't stand its liberal view. (Obviously they know they only offer one viewpoint, which is why it's called The View instead of Views.) However, I do find fault with McCain's campaign manager for even considering sending him on there. That was dumb ... but it still doesn't justify these women's behavior.

People have hammered McCain for saying right before the economic fallout that our economy is fundamentally strong. Uh, people, even with the economic downturns we've had, our economy is fundamentally strong. The fundamentals are still there, and most people I know have not had to change their habits in light of this downturn. It's nothing like the Great Depression or WWII when people had to ration certain food and other items. Our economy, although in a slump, is definitely fundamentally strong.

Oh, and why does the media think we care what Hollywood thinks? Could it be because Hollywood agrees with most of their own views? I mean, just because you can act doesn't mean you know any more about politics than do I, a happy stay-at-home wife and mom.

The latest is that Sarah Palin spent a bunch of money for new clothes. So, how much has Michelle Obama spent on her wardrobe during their campaigning? What about Obama and McCain? What about Hillary Clinton? And is this even an issue that needs to be brought up? There's nothing illegal about buying clothes ... and maybe it will help the economy to put some bucks into it. (And for those who didn't hear, she plans to donate the clothes to charity after the election.)

Oh, and did the media get fired up about Biden this week saying that he didn't feel Obama was ready to handle a national crisis/attack without help? Hmmm ... how was that one missed? Well, now, that sure wouldn't look good for a certain candidate, so why publish/air it, right?

In any case, I'm sick of hearing the liberal slant. In case you're wondering, I don't listen to conservative talk shows, either. They get me fired up to hear what's not being said in mainstream media. (I did see a survey, though, earlier this week that said listeners of Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity were actually better informed on politics than liberal talk-show listeners. Cool stat, but once again, you know my opinion about polls ...)

I just had to include this video to show my exact point about biased media (oh, and I think Newt Gingrich has a valid point besides). Notice how the reporter starts by saying that he's asking this question, just for fairness sake. Please!

I'm sure you can tell who I'm voting for from my post, and that's fine. :) However, I yearn for the day (which will never come) that we can actually get unbiased info and make our decision on our own instead of being persuaded (or pushed) into what we are supposed to know and believe.


Leslie said...

Found your blog and I just want to give you a big AMEN!

That video cracked me UP! "Tell me one thing..." "Ok, we will just leave it right there" How funny.

the Rowleys said...

Thanks for the clip. I enjoyed seeing something positive about her for a change.