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Sunday, March 29, 2009

65 Roses

Anyone heard of the disease 65 Roses? Actually, that's the nickname for Cystic Fibrosis -- often kids can't say Cystic Fibrosis, so they call it 65 roses.

I'm happy to say that they have started newborn testing for CF in Utah beginning in January of this year! Hooray! It's such a simple test, and they hadn't been doing it before now. My niece, Lauren, would have a MUCH healthier lung had she been diagnosed as a baby ... or anytime sooner than she was. Needless to say, she's doing well now, but we continue to hope and pray for a cure.

One of the things we do to help is raise funds for research. There is a walk every year where we raise funds, and one of the ways we're doing it this year is to sell stuffed animals. They are soooo cute! And we're giving them to anyone who donates a minimum of $5. I plan to get one for each of my kids for Easter.

I'm VERY excited about this one:

Yes, it's a bear dressed as a pig. She had to know when she ordered it that it would be perfect for Tyler. (The costume can come off of the bear's head, too.) She also has bears dressed as a horse, a cow, and a duck. She also has dogs (sharpei-looking) dressed as a dalmation, a tiger, and a giraffe.

Here are some others for donors ...

Hot dog:

65 Roses:

BYU bear: (We also have U of U, but you'll have to buy those from my sister!)

I love these kitties with yarn all over them:

Very soft kitties:

"The tassle that's worth the hassle":

Medical bears:

Cheerleading bears (I think she just got red -- not for UofU, but for Springville High School):


Let me know if any of you locals are interested in donating and getting any of these cute animals for your kids. :)

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