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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Happy happy birthday, my love! I don't have anything witty or charming or love-filled to say to you, but I do hope you have a most wonderful day!!!

For his b-day, Paul got a binary clock ... and even better, a case of Henry Weinhardt's root beer from his pal Scotty (who brought Paul a gift even though it was his own b-day!). Anyway, Paul LOVES stuff and has been happy every night since. :)

Anyway, I recently came across a list of questions about Paul. Hilary asked him a bunch of questions for my bridal shower (back in y2k), and then she asked me the questions to see how many I would get right.

I thought it would be interesting to see how I did now, just a few months after our 8th anniversary. Turns out that although I know him better now, I apparently know him less. :)

Here are our answers ... then and now ...

Favorite color:
Paul (y2k): Green
Denise (y2k): Green

Paul ('09): Green today ... I change all the time
Denise ('09): Green

Favorite breakfast cereal:
Paul (y2k): Crunch berries
Denise (y2k): Grapenuts

Paul ('09): Frosted Shredded Mini Wheat
Denise ('09): Frosted Shredded Mini Wheat

Favorite pet:
Paul (y2k): Oreo, who had a brother named Butterscotch
Denise (y2k): Oreo

Paul ('09): None
Denise ('09): Oreo

Favorite boys' name:
Paul (y2k): Cyan
Denise (y2k): Tyler

Paul ('09): Tyler AND Zachary (so I don't leave one kid out)
Denise ('09): Paul (for the same reason :)

Favorite hobby:
Paul (y2k): Biking
Denise (y2k): Computer stuff

Paul ('09): Computer games
Denise ('09): Computer games, specifically Civilization IV

Favorite hymn:
Paul (y2k): #2 - The Spirit of God
Denise (y2k): The Spirit of God

Paul ('09): #2
Denise ('09): #2

Favorite computer part:
Paul (y2k): Motherboard
Denise (y2k): Pointing device

Paul ('09): CPU
Denise ('09): Memory

Favorite girl's name:
Paul (y2k): Shayla
Denise (y2k): Theresa

Paul ('09): Shayla
Denise ('09): Shayla

Favorite day of the year:
Paul (y2k): St. Patrick's Day - my birthday
Denise (y2k): Christmas

Paul ('09): My birthday
Denise ('09): Thanksgiving

Favorite scripture:
Paul (y2k): Ether - "weak things made strong"
Denise (y2k): Same

Paul ('09): Ammon defending the flocks
Denise ('09): Nephi ... "I will go and do ..."

Favorite Christmas song:
Paul (y2k): Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Denise (y2k): 12 Days of Christmas

Paul ('09): Rudolph
Denise ('09): Chipmunk song

Favorite vacation spot:
Paul (y2k): Walla Walla or Key West
Denise (y2k): Florida

Paul ('09): Disneyland
Denise ('09): Cruise anywhere

Favorite item to buy at the grocery store:
Paul (y2k): Root beer
Denise (y2k): Root beer

Paul ('09): Henry Weinhardt's root beer
Denise ('09): Root beer

Favorite number:
Paul (y2k): 4 or 11 (4 is favorite of the two)
Denise (y2k): 4 or 11

Paul ('09): 256 or 2 to the 8th power (the largest number represented with an 8-digit binary number)
Denise ('09): 17 (date of b-day)

Favorite board/card game:
Paul (y2k): Monopoly
Denise (y2k): Monopoly

Paul ('09): Train game (Ticket to Ride) or bean game (Bonanza!)
Denise ('09): Train game (Ticket to Ride - Europe version)

Favorite food:
Paul (y2k): Biscuits and gravy with sausage cooked the Southern way
Denise (y2k): Pizza

Paul ('09): Denise's homemade egg rolls or sweet and sour meatballs
Denise ('09): Biscuits and gravy. But of food he actually gets? Cowboy burritos or Salisbury steak deluxe.

Favorite season:
Paul (y2k): Fall
Denise (y2k): Summer

Paul ('09): Fall
Denise ('09): Fall

Biggest pet peeve:
Paul (y2k): "When people point to the monitor and call it the computer"
Denise (y2k): ???

Paul ('09): People saying Windows ME was the best OS ever (ie, people pretending to know more about computers than they do)
Denise ('09): Whining kids

Favorite kitchen appliance:
Paul (y2k): Toaster - "because I know how to operate it well"
Denise (y2k): Quizinart

Paul ('09): Toaster
Denise ('09): Griddle

Where want to live:
Paul (y2k): With Denise
Denise (y2k): In this area (Northwest)

Paul ('09): I like the Northwest
Denise ('09): Spanish Fork, baby!

Favorite possession:

Paul (y2k): Jetta
Denise (y2k): Jetta

Paul ('09): Mountain bike
Denise ('09): Nintendo DS


the Rowleys said...

that's cool to see how much you have changed over time. Also, I want to know, what is the Train game?

MIMOM2 said...

I loved getting to know your other half better. Thanks for sharing.

Rob and Reb said...

The number 17 SHOULD be Paul's favorite number. Not only is his birthday the 17th, but it's a prime number--how cool is that? (BTW, Paul's birthday is my half-birthday and vice versa :)

Scotty said...

Glad you enjoyed the root beer.