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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Color Blind

So, out of the blue one day Tyler said to me, "Mom, our new president doesn't have brown skin."

I asked him why he said that. He said, "Because I looked at him and his skin isn't brown." I asked why he even though to look at his skin, and he said it was because I told him that our new president was black. (Oh yeah, that talk about this being a big historic moment probably pointed out something that my kids wouldn't have noticed otherwise ...) My response? "Okay. Whatever you think."

I decided not to try to clarify, because I don't want him to look at and notice differences in people, especially racial differences.

I was worried for a moment earlier this year when Tyler complained about having to sit by a little girl in his class who I know is black. Of course, that is all I know about her, so that was my first fear when he said he didn't like her. When I asked for clarification I found out the real reason: She kept taking his pencil and wouldn't give it back. Totally "legit." :)

I don't know why I was even worried as my kids have never shown any sign of knowing a difference in skin color. And why should they? Although Utah County is primarily white, my kids have cousins who are half Hispanic, and others who are half Asian. (Truly if you consider how pale I am, I can be considered a color beyond white! ;)

Anyway, I hope my kids never outgrow being colorblind.

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