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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Birthday attempts ...

I've never made Paul a fun cake for his birthday. I figure he's too old to care about a cutesy cake, so usually I just make one with green frosting and call it good. One year I did make skor cake, which is to die for, but other than that he just gets good ol' plain cake.

So this year I thought I'd surprise him. I decided I'd do something from Dr. Who, which is this strange British show he likes to watch. I tried to decide between the Tardis (Dr. Who's time-traveling machine that basically looks like a phone booth) and a Dalek (a freaky-looking robot that goes around saying in a monotone voice: "Exterminate! Exterminate!"). From my descriptions, you can guess which seems a bit more exciting -- the Dalek.

Here's what they're SUPPOSED to look like:

So, yeah, how exactly am I supposed to make that? I decided to try anyway. Becca's friend who watches Dr. Who w/her family (her dad is British) suggested to use whoppers for the bumps. Perfect. As for the black around the top? I decided to use air heads, because there was one episode with a red Dalek. Yes, I'm mixing them up, but here's my final product:

Oh, after I finished taking the picture I wrote in frosting around the bottom: "Exterminate Age 32!" I was impressed w/my work. Therefore I was heartbroken (although not too terribly surprised) when Paul had NO IDEA what it was supposed to be. Sigh. So much work ... At least the boys have enjoyed eating the cake. I think it looks so disgusting to Paul he hasn't even had a piece. Oh well. At least now I know the cakes with green frosting will get eaten -- and are a lot less hassle! :)

And did I mention we got Paul a binary clock for his birthday? Here's what it looks like:

In case you're wondering, the time on this photo is 2:08:54. Because it includes the seconds, it's constantly blinking. And as you could tell from Paul's geeky poem, this gift was just perfect!

Oh, he also got a few seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD. If any of you have missed my fav all-time episode of Ray throwing Deb into the fridge, we've now got it on demand. :)


Theresa C said...

Congrats on making such a fun cake! I guess I need to get more creative and stop buying them at the store :)

Park Family said...

I think you did a good job on the cake! Way to go!

Scotty said...

Cool Clock!