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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almost forgot!

I almost forgot the excitement for Paul's birthday! I came home from scouts Tuesday just in time to get Paul's birthday dinner started. The boys asked if they could write in the driveway with chalk so they could surprise Paul when he got home. I said sure.

Then 10 minutes later Becca said, "Denise, look outside!" I thought the boys had written something really cute she thought I should see. However, when I looked out and saw this:

Yes, that's probably the entire volunteer fire department! I took this from Shayla's bedroom. I was totally surprised as I hadn't heard any sirens ... at least that I remembered. (We hear them often enough going up the canyon that if I heard them I probably just ignored them.) I felt terrible, because I had just driven past that home no more than 10 minutes before and waved to this neighbor as she was arriving home and getting her little boy out of his car seat. I hadn't seen any smoke or anything.

Apparently their laundry room caught on fire while she was out. (I'm guessing lint maybe was stuck in a vent or whatever that problem is? Anyway, they had the same dryer we have, which is relative new, so that is a little worrisome!) I still don't know how bad the damage is, but I feel for them -- they just re-painted and re-carpeted throughout the house. After our painting I know how mad I'd be if we had a fire! (Not that anyone is happy about a fire ... but you know what I mean.) I think I'll go over and offer my paint services for anything they need to fix ...

Oh, and the boys did draw cute things on the driveway for Paul to see when he came home ... and they enjoyed seeing a few fire trucks while they were doing it. (Maybe I should teach them to come in and get me when a fire truck is at the neighbor's!)

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Lizzylou said...

Who had the fire? We heard those sirens but like you, thought they were going up the canyon. Don't worry about offering to help paint, the good thing about insurance is they pay for someone to come do all of the work. Ryan and I always say that we would love to have our house burn down so we can build a new one and get new furniture etc. :) Shayla looked too cute in her bun and dress. And what a fun birthday you guys had for Paul. You are so creative!