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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mulan pics ... finally ...

Yes, Becca's Mulan play is finally over! It was a lot of hard work for the students and teachers, and it was great. We weren't surprised, because this is our fourth play to attend at the school, and they have all been phenomenal!

We have a lot of fun watching, because in addition to Becca, there are about 10 other kids from our neighborhood in it. And Becca is good friends w/the boy who was the leader of the army (you know, the one whose song Donny Osmond sings in the Disney version?). They got a kick out of him getting that part since last year he was Joseph in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, which also has an obvious Donny Osmond tie ...

Anyway, I decided to dress Shayla in her cute little Oriental outfit for the play. I even put her hair in a bun so she'd fit right in. Isn't she cute?

Well, I wanted a pic of the two cuties together, so I went to find Becca once we arrived at the school. They had just started the cast meeting, so I told Shayla she could just walk in and give Becca a kiss. I figured that a few people would notice and think Shayla was cute, but I didn't think it would go anything beyond that. Boy was I wrong!

When Shayla walked in, the ENTIRE cast said, "Awwwwwwwwwww!" She gave Becca a kiss, which everyone also responded to with a unified, "Awww ..." I could hear the girls saying how cute it was and the boys were smiling. Oops -- that's one way to interrupt the meeting. :) The teachers thought she was so cute they were going to take her picture. However, Shayla doesn't enjoy the spotlight like her big sis, so she ran right back out of the room back to me as soon as the kiss was over. We got TONS of comments about how cute she was at the play -- just walking around with her was a joy -- I could hear people just whispering and pointing her out to each other. It was cute.

Anyway, I DID get a pic of the two cuties together:

Becca's kimono was supposed to be a solid color, but we missed those instructions even though it was underlined. We were more focused on what colors it was NOT supposed to be, so we missed the solid part. However, I think hers looked better than a lot since it was just a slight pattern of butterflies and swooshes, which would be perfect for a kimono. She got lots of compliments on it, which is great since it was such a pain to sew! :)

Here are a couple of pics of Becca and her friend Georgina in action:

Becca played a double role. In addition to the ensemble chorus, she was also a soldier. They never have as many girls as boys in the play, so girls often get to play boy parts. Here she is being a tough soldier:

Here she is with her buddy Madison, who I mentioned above. He was good as the army leader, but I can't tell you how great he was as Joseph! We still need to buy the tape of last year's performance. (Spanish Fork Cable Network recorded it so we could watch it on TV, too.)

And another pic of Becca w/her good friend Georgina:

Becca was very emotional when the play was over. This was her third school play at this school, and I think she realized how much fun she's had and that it's now all over at this school. I'm sure she'll have just as much fun at her high school as well!

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Jamie said...

Aww!! Shes so cute!! I wish I could have seen the play!! Sounds like things are going good for you guys. :) Oh, and im sorry about the problem with leaving comments on my blog. I fixed it, I had no idea that their was a block on it. :) Love ya guys!! ~Jamie~