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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cub Scout Camp

I totally forgot to post pics of Tyler going to scout camp! These pics are for Grandpa Palmer, who would be proud of his grandson being so excited about scouts ... even though he's not quite yet old enough to join. :) It was at camp Jeremiah Johnson up Hobble Creek Canyon, and the boys loved it! I'm so glad Tyler got invited since his birthday is at the end of the summer. I went with him since I'm one of the cub scout leaders. Here he is at the camp:

I'm afraid archery isn't in his future (at least not this year), but he had fun at it anyway:

Every boys' favorite rotation was BB guns. I don't think Tyler anticipated how hard it would be to cock it, but they all shot at pop cans, and a few of them even hit a few:

Here he is panning for gold:

They took these floating docks out onto the lake and tried to play "tag" with the other floating dock. The kids liked it, and the leaders liked taking a break from counting how many kids we had. :)

And he got to design a tee-pee to put together, which is shown here. Love self-portraits, eh?


Lean Bean said...

that last pic looks like you're wearing a hat :)

Melissa Basua said...

Love the pictures! How fun that you got to go with Tyler!!!