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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sweat Equity

The kids have gotten in on some of the sweat equity, and Shayla's still got paint in her hair to prove it. :) I had no idea tiling would take us so long, but for first-timers, I think it looks pretty good. Here are some pics of tiling and painting along the way ...

And don't let the pictures fool you -- just because there are more pictures of Paul doesn't mean he worked harder. In fact, I've done a majority of the painting. (He thinks he has to go to work sometimes or something!) However, he did paint the scariest place (over the stairs where we had to use a really tall ladder -- thanks Rowburys), so I didn't mind the rest quite as much. :)

Here is Paul cutting cement board on the 4th of July. Good thing the day was meant to be loud and dusty:

Screwing down the cement board on Monday, July 6th:

Tiling is a lot of measuring and cutting. Good thing we borrowed a NICE tile saw from our contractor. (I actually had fun using the thing. :)

Mixing mortar:

The mortar was so heavy to carry that Paul wore out the muscles in his arm. The next morning the muscles wouldn't hold his arm in his socket. Apparently that happened a lot after his accident (when he was 16), but it hasn't happened since. Good thing for Icy Hot. And good thing it smells good, too. :)

In the middle of the tiling:

The boys loved being asked to take out all the spacers:

And my kids were fighting over who got to mop and for how long -- because they all WANTED to do it!

On to painting. Why exactly did I decide to let the kids help me? Oh yeah -- quality time and to get them to stop bugging me about helping ...

Tyler's painting was supposed to be a monster. Maybe I should have left it that way. ;) Zachary wasn't happy I painted the ceilings, because he thought the texturing looked like the tile in the kitchen and that white is just boring. Oh well ...

As soon as I paint the baseboard, doors and trim, I am done painting for a while. HOORAY!!!

BTW, the following 5 new posts have NOTHING to do with construction. If you're like me, you can use the mental break. :)


Theresa C said...

The tile is beautiful! Oh, and those are the cutest painters I have ever seen! How much do they charge? :)

the Rowleys said...

what great kids wanting to help. They will now have the memories that they helped with the home. And the floor looks great!