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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Museum of art

We heard that Walter Wick, who does the I Spy books, had an exhibit over at the BYU Museum of Art, so we headed over. The exhibit was rather small, but the kids enjoyed it anyway. I got this picture before being told not to take any pictures (which wasn't on any signs):

The stuff behind them is in one of Walter Wick's book, in the picture behind them. Apparently that photo took 7 months to layout!

Anyway, then we went to another exhibit -- of an "artist" I don't remember -- who used everyday items to make "art." Okay, what really defines art? Garbage bags melted together and then filled with air:

Garbage bags filled with packing peanuts, then the air sucked out so the bags form odd shapes? Packing peanuts with a blower on them so they fly everywhere? Balloons randomly arranged:

Packets of duck sauce stapled to a board in rows:

PVC pipe twisted together in random arrangements?

Clothes hangers (like from a dry-cleaners) arranged together? The contents of a restaurant floor with some silver paper lids surrounding the mess, which is glued to a board and hung on the wall?

Yes, these were all of this person's creations. Although a couple were cool, the rest just made me go, "How'd this guy get his exhibit into the museum?"

The most annoying part? He didn't title one piece of his art. What's up with that -- can it really be art without a name?

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Melissa Basua said...

So glad you went to see these exhibits! Our family loved going!!! great pictures! We got scolded a few times for taking pictures!