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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Campout

At the end of May we went on a campout with my family. It was a lot of fun, although we were only able to go for two days. My parents and five of my seven siblings and their families were able to join the campout.

On the last day there, we went on a ropes course. Here we are before the adventure begins:

We thought we were going to go on one with a zip-line, but the "big" item on this one ended up being a HUGE swing. I mean, huge. These pics are just to give you perspective on how high up you start and get. The first is Zachary on the initial drop, and the next one is Tyler on his first return:

So, everyone over 5 went on this swing -- saving my pregnant SIL and my un-pregnant BIL (not sure why he didn't go since we were split into two groups).

Anyway, my dad, BIL and brother made it look so easy -- they let go and started doing things like pretending they were diving, swimming, frantically flailing in the air. My dad even let go on his initial drop, which I now believe makes him insane!

So, we let Zachary go first as I figured he'd be the first to chicken out. Both he and Tyler loved it -- look at the smiles on their faces:

When Paul went he was brave and let go for a bit of the swinging as well:

Becca didn't want to let go, but when the family started taunting her, she finally obliged:

As for me? I had NO IDEA I would be as scared as I was! I swung back and forth quite a few times before I'd let go for a few seconds at a time. Okay, maybe only 2 seconds ever! But the letting go was captured on camera, so posterity will have no idea how much this swing scared the snot out of me:

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