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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Priorities and finances

We're hanging in there doing our sweat equity, and I'm giddy at the thought of having my kitchen back in a week. GIDDY!

One thing I don't think I've mentioned is the reaction we've gotten from neighbors about our addition. Of course, Paul just tells them that we weren't being talked about enough and needed to do something to get people talking about us. :) So many people are excited for us and ask about our plans. My neighbor across the street loves the action and asks all the time what's next. Good thing, because she's one of the two most affected by noise and trucks until it's done!

However, the thing I find a little humorous is the second-most asked question we get since we started adding on: "So, tell me again what Paul does for a living?" (Computer networking, for those friends out there who don't know. :)

For whatever reason, that gives us quite a kick. You see, the amount of money you make rarely matters. Yes, I do feel blessed that Paul has a great job with minimal stress and good pay. However, we've decided that our home is a priority. We made sure the first house we bought was one we could afford, not just one we could quality for. And the equity from that house helped us get into a good position in this house, which is now enabling us to add on and get more space.

Even with Paul's good job and our "extra" money (before the addition), we didn't eat out (our "splurge" is Papa Murphy's about once every two weeks); we didn't go to movies; we didn't buy clothing unless absolutely necessary; and we didn't buy our kids big toys (although my boys continually beg for a car to drive and a few more Legos sets). In contrast, there are some people who have so much more expendable income and yet never think they have enough money -- sometimes even for their bills.

I guess it all boils down to priorities. We have a neighbor who said that although they'd like a bigger house, they'd much rather spend their money on toys. So be it. Paul and I made the decision to add on since it is where our family spends most of our time together.

I will sure miss not having to watch every penny, or buying $20 in scrapbook supplies if I want to without stressing about it. However, we will sure love our extra space ... even if it eats the "extra" income we so enjoyed over this past year.

By the way, nobody asked how much I make as a stay-at-home mom ... :)


Lean Bean said...

Ya I think the stay at home moms should make more money personally! Your job is harder than clocking in at a regular job for 8 hours a day because those people get to clock out and go home, but you're a stay at home mom 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Hello!

Leslie said...

We are one of those neighbors that get excited everytime we see someting new go up!

Lizzylou said...

It is exciting to think of all of the added space. I'm with you on being frugal. I can't stand to buy toys or clothes when I find them at garage sales for pennies on the dollar. It kills me when we do eat out (which if very rarely) to think that I could buy groceries for a week with that same amount! It's good to see others thinking the same.

Theresa C said...

You are so blessed to have nice neighbors that don't complain and cause you stress! I can't wait to see pictures when your addition is all done. So exciting!