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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Pioneer Day!

In Utah it's a state holiday for us to celebrate July 24th, the day the Pioneers began their settlement in Utah. In Spanish Fork we celebrate with a parade, which is pretty good-sized. Here is Shayla's face when she saw the first beauty queens, who she thought were princesses:

Good thing each city around decides to decorate a float and put their royalty on so Shayla could see lots of princesses!

The kids also enjoy a lot of candy! Some floats also throw Otter Pops, which the kids have to eat right away since they're already melty. Zachary got two that were stuck together -- poor thing:

It's a pioneer day parade (although in Spanish Fork they call it a city celebration called Fiesta Days), so obviously you will see LDS floats like this one of the missionaries:

And this one of a group dressed in white playing "Families Can be Together Forever":

I love living in a community where they are cheered for that! However, we also had variety this year with a Krishna Temple entry, and an Icelandic association (there is an Icelandic park here commemorating Icelandic settlers).

There are also a few businesses, and I'm still wondering why this hair design place think their float makes me want to go there:

And generally I have a nephew in the parade for winning baseball, but not this year. This year it was my nieces with their dance group. Kimmie is far left, and Madison is in the front with glasses:

Look at Kimmie pose. What a cutie!

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Theresa C said...

I miss the pioneer day parades so much! Thanks for letting me see it through your pictures. I'll have my kids throw candy at me so I'll feel like I am really there. :)