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Monday, August 11, 2008

Did you see that?!?

The Olympics are off to a great start! Last night was the swim of the Century! We watched the men's relay teams prepare as the commentators told repeatedly how the French team said they would crush the Americans. The commentators said he wanted the USA to win, but that he just didn't think it was possible. He said he had looked at everyone's past performances, their times, how they're doing now, and he just couldn't see a way that the USA could win.

Little did he take into consideration that THIS is the Olympics!

Not only did the USA BARELY sneak past the French for the gold medal, but they did so by coming from behind and shattering the world record time -- four full seconds faster than the previous record! THAT is what we always hope to see in the Olympics, and our men's swim team didn't disappoint!

I was also happy to see the Korean swimmer win a gold. (Don't know his name or remember what event he swam.) Anyway, during the last Olympics he fell in and was disqualified before the race even started. He was so embarrassed that he ran out of the venue before the race was even over. I love that he then won gold this year to make up for not even getting to swim in the last Olympics. (I know he's not American, but I have a heart! :)

And don't you love the "old" women competing this year? There is a lady competing in gymnastics for Germany who is 33 years old. This is her fifth Olympics! Isn't that incredible?!? And the "old" swimmer for the USA. She not only asked for extra drug tests beyond what the Olympic committee requires, but she has allowed them to store a vial of her blood so that if a future test becomes available to test for specific drugs they can test her blood to make sure she really didn't take any enhancing drugs. I hope she does great!

Tyler and Zachary are a little confused for the whole thing. For football we cheer for BYU, but not Utah (we stick to college football). For basketball we cheer for Utah Jazz, but not other teams, unless we're watching college in which case we're back to cheering for BYU again and not Utah. Now with the Olympics we're cheering for the USA. Tyler keeps asking, "Did Utah win?" He knows the difference (after us explaining a bunch of times), but he still says Utah instead of United States. I think he just forgets the long name of this country of ours. :)

Anyway, we LOVE the Olympics and hope they're as much fun for you and your family. (BTW, my boys said if I ever decide to go to the Olympics that they'll come cheer for me and give me a massage. Score! What should I compete in? ;)

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Paul or Denise said...

The Korean swimmer was Park Tae-Hwan or Taehwan PARK and he won gold in the 400m freestyle