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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, I'm always on the hunt to have the perfect name for our next baby. Am I pregnant? (The obvious question people ask when I start discussing name options.) No. But I always have thought I should have a name before I get pregnant and hormonal and name the baby some hideous name that I'd regret for the rest of my life. (Notice I didn't mention specifics? I have some, but I didn't want to offend anyone named Henry, Herman, Bertha or Dorcus.)

We had no problem with Shayla's name since it was one I've loved for years and Paul liked it, too. The boys were a different story -- especially with Zachary. Needless to say, we combed hundreds to thousands of names trying to find the perfect name. And finally we agreed on Zachary.

Turns out our little Zachary very much likes his name, too, and dislikes people to call him Zach (unless you're mommy, daddy or Shayla). Paul said his brother Rob(ert) was like this until a teenager. I thought that was hilarious! I figured that since we're pretty laid-back people our kids wouldn't ever have this issue. However, turns out whenever Tyler or Becca calls him Zach he says, "Don't call me that!" as if it's a swear word or bad name.

Okay, so we'll call you Zachary. Any idea who difficult of an idea that is for people? I never thought much of it until recently when I've had to clarify it for people several times. His swimming instructor, soccer coach, etc., say, "What's your name?" He says, "Zachary." Then they proceed to call him Zach from then on. Uh, did he say Zach? No, he said Zachary. He's a little shy, so I don't think he dares tell people not to call him Zach. (This is a great moment for mommy to use her "assertiveness" and step in to clarify.)

I had a co-worker named Annemarie, and she said people constantly called her Anne. Marie wasn't her middle name, it was part of her first name. She had a different middle name. I thought maybe that would only happen with names that sound like two full names. Nope. Happens even with shorter names. I didn't realize until somewhat recently that my sister Rebecca will let only family call her Becky. (She's not shy to tell anyone who tries, either. :) This weekend at Paul's mom's wedding there was a Josh and a Joshua. Joshua said to Josh, "Have you ever tried to get people to call you Joshua? It's nearly impossible!"

Anyway, as humorous as I think it is that he's that particular, I'll respect Zachary's wishes and make sure others do, too. And since I can't always be there, Zachary will learn to deal with being called Zach by either accepting it (which Paul's bro Rob did as a teen) or standing up and correcting the offender (like my sister Rebecca).

Here's a picture of the cutie after finally getting his own "Hawaii Friday" shirt:

And Shayla, who we thought we'd call Shay and rarely do, got yet another Hawaii Friday dress as well, so I have to share that adorable pic. She's got nearly as many as grandpa at this point! (Although you can see she's sick of pictures in them. :)
In any case, girls' names are now stumping us. Any suggestions? I love Ashley, but it's so common. Others I love I can't get Paul to agree on (Emily, Alexa, Megan). We both like Felicity, but is that weird? At least we have 9+ months to figure it out. :)

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Melissa said...

I love talking about names. We talked for months about London's name and chose it very diplomatically in the end, because we couldn't agree on one name that we both loved. I chose Ashley as her middle name and Robbie chose London for her first name. Of course now I am head-over-heals in love with the name London because it is her. It is a part of her and I just can't get enough of holding her, smelling her, and cuddling with her. You have good taste. I can't wait to hear what you pick! - Someday!