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Friday, August 1, 2008

Flash photography

A little P.S. to the concert post ...

During the introduction they asked that nobody videotape the concert or use flash photography. A couple of people apparently couldn't resist or thought their flash was turned off. For the most part, though, people were respectful of the instructions.

However, those around me just thought I was horrible! I pulled out my camera and took a bunch of pictures. (At the beginning I was just messing around with my ISO, not really trying to take pictures of the performance.) Anyway, people kept whispering their disapproval. "She's got a camera!" "Look what she's doing!" You'd think I was a terrorist on an airplane! Needless to say, if they say no photography I'm willing to comply. Ditto if they say no FLASH photography -- but that still means you'll see my camera in my hands ready to shoot, san flash.

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