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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So long, 7 Peaks

Our family went to 7 Peaks last night for maybe the last time this season. They're only open until Sept. 1 (strange, in my opinion), so we wanted to go one last time before we no longer have season passes. We have barely gone this year -- it seems like too much of a pain and it's always soooooo crowded. In any case, we won't be buying passes again next year and are grateful we got them for free this year.

Well, last night was probably not the best night to venture out. Of course, it was the only night we have since soccer starts tonight, but it ended up being quite cold! A storm blew in right as we got there, so it was completely overcast and actually had a very light sprinkle. It was freezing if you were out of the water. Didn't help that the heaters were broken in the lazy river and one of the kiddie pools.

Oh well ... we stayed and played until Shayla's lips turned blue. The boys finally went down the slide, which Paul photographed to prove, and Shayla got a little bit braver herself. Who knows -- maybe one day we'll actually have kids who will swim.

Here's Tyler entering the water -- he was so cold he didn't want to go down. I bribed him with a cookie so we could get a picture. Oh, I mean, I positively reinforced his decision ... :)
We were so happy that Zachary started having fun on the slide. Usually we can talk him into going down, but he's so nervous about it that it's no fun for him. This time, though, he really seemed to have fun going down:
I just got this Dora the Explorer beach towel on clearance, which made my little doll VERY happy. She looked super cute wrapped up in it. Not sure if you can tell her lips still aren't normal-color:
I'm thinking maybe next year we'll get a backyard pool ... if I can convince myself that one of the kids won't drown if we do!


Josh G said...

You could opt to go with filling the pool with only half an inch of water...:) They also sell the pools with fastening covers, to make it more difficult for kids to open and get in themselves.

Josh G said...

I just say 'more difficult' because it seems there is nothing impossible for kids these days.