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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Our prophet and church leaders constantly remind us (and especially the youth) how important it is to dress modestly -- no tummies showing, shirts that aren't low-cut or tight, shorts that are long enough, etc. I never thought I had a problem with this until I became a mom. Is there an outfit anywhere that is childproof enough to be modest? I get dressed for church and feel like my clothes are nice and modest. Then I get to church, and the kids start crawling all over me -- the skirt comes up and the shirt gets pulled down. I have yet to find an outfit that can stay modest despite what my kids do to it. Sigh ...

Anyway, I read a recent Ensign article about dressing appropriately that really struck me. I haven't been tempted with dressing immodestly, but the other topic it addressed -- dressing appropriately -- is something I can definitely work on. The article mentioned how we're on the third or fourth generation of dressing more casually, and that we really need to remember not to dress too casually. When going to the temple, we are attending the Lord's house and should dress as such. When we are going to church it is to worship the Father and the Son, and we should dress up to show respect to them.

I am the first to admit that I am a VERY casual dresser. Part of it is that I am lazy (I can't stand to iron or put on nylons), and part of it is that I really dislike shopping and spending money, so I don't have very many nice things to wear. I think it doesn't help that as a stay-at-home mom it often doesn't matter what I wear since 1) nobody will see it; and 2) it's going to get ruined by the kids anyway. However, this article will definitely make me more aware of how I dress so I make sure to wear things that are respectful, not just comfortable, to church. I'll keep the comfortable to the days I can stay in my jammies. (As if there are any of those days! :)

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Stacey said...

One thing I've learned is that investing in some clothes every season makes me feel better and more confident in myself. Maybe I'm shallow but, I love wearing a new cute outfit or a shirt that doesn't have a stain. I have my clearance racks and outlet stores I shop and I don't ever pay full price. I also get rid of things I don't wear or don't fit by selling them or donating. Then I hit the sales. You would be surpised how you can pick up some basic items here and there...you will have a new wardrobe in no time for church. Last Summer I got a black and white linen skirt on the clearnace rack at Wal-Mart for under $10 each and I wear them all the time by just switching my top. I don't do nylons anymore but, I don't think the Lord cares about Nylons but, wearing our Sunday best is what makes Sunday or the temple feel like a different day than all the rest. I always try to wear nicer shoes as I don't like it when the flip flops are worn at church. It is our attitudes that matter though so, whether I spend $20 or $100 on outfit doesn't matter it is my attitude. You just need to come visit and I will hook you up to some deals! I'm the bargain shopper and need to learn not to shop so much!