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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Star Wars Party

For Tyler's birthday party we HAD to have a Star Wars theme. In fact, Tyler told me back in April (Zachary's birthday) that he wanted a Yoda cake. Well, in July we started looking for Yoda cake toppers and found that they were discontinued. Huh?

Good thing that the new Star Wars movie came out this month! That meant Walmart was stocked to the gills with Star Wars toys, including a small figurine of Yoda. Score! We got that and I also surprised him with the R2-D2 that he really wanted. Can't quite tell if he likes what he got ... ;)

I happened to find german chocolate brownies on the day-old bakery rack, so I bought two of those and put them together to be the cake. I figured the german chocolate frosting with sprinkles looked like the swamp, which was the scene he wanted me to re-create. Not my best cake, but definitely my easiest! What I didn't think about is how picky of eaters kids are these days! Oh well ... I told them they could scrape off the frosting if they wanted. One poor boy wouldn't even drink Yoda Soda. It's green and it has Yoda's name in it -- what more could any boy want? (Apparently water ...)

We had a Jedi training course in the backyard (an obstacle course) and let them run that several times. I loved that my nephew Nicholas took his light saber with him on the course -- that's a true Jedi:

Then we played a game where they had to "rescue" Padme and Leia by popping balloons and finding their pictures inside. I put slips of paper into almost all of them to throw them off. The boys LOVED popping the balloons:

Then we had our final Jedi game where they earned their light sabers. Paul and I had made light sabers using animal balloons and flashlights. The kids thought they were SO cool, and the whole thing cost less than $10 for 11 kids. Not bad, eh? :)

Here's Tyler with his birthday buddies, each of whom got to take home Wookiee Cookies:

I think they all had a good time. If not, at least Tyler did and I'm off the hook until next year. :)

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MIMOM2 said...

Great job! I love parties!!! Happy Birthday!!!