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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I heard a new term the other day that I think is great, so I thought I'd share: Frenemies. You know, women who pretend to be your friend on the surface, but are really anything but.

I don't do well with fakeness, and I get annoyed at "surface" relationships with people who should be more (MIL in mind here). What's the point? If I don't like someone, I'm not rude, but I'm definitely not sugary sweet until I'm out of their presence. Fortunately I haven't had too many frenemies I've had to deal with.

Anyway, the co-author of Friend or Frenemy, tells us how to spot a frenemy:

• After spending time with her, you feel emotionally drained and exhausted.
• When you make plans with her, you hope that she cancels.
• When you call her, you feel relieved when you get her voicemail.
• You tend to communicate with her over email in an effort to avoid face-to-face conversations.
• She brings out the worst in you, often making you feel competitive and bitter.

I had to laugh that all of them are about "her" or "she." Are men better than we are? Or just not as "creative" as women? ;) I hope none of you have any frenemies, but if you do at least you now know what to call them.


Lizzylou said...

As always-great post. It made me laugh to realize that I have a couple of those. I wouldn't go as far as to call them enemies but I do find myself happy when I call and they don't answer, or if they cancel after making plans to do something. You have some great insite. I miss your RS lessons. I still remember the analogy of the "big payless sale, how you called everyone because it was too good to be true." That sounded so much like me. I'm glad others love a good bargain when they see one.

Lizzylou said...

We go to the reservoir at least once a week, and have never seen a leech. I have heard there are tiny ones that you just pull off and squish, but I've never seen anyone get one. I hate leeches, so if there were a ton I definitely wouldn't go. You should join us. We go every Wednesday.

Heidi said...

I love it, this is just want I needed to hear today. I truly hope that I am no ones frenemy, but if I am, I guess it serves time right? Hope that you have a great day.

Stacey said...

You have the best posts. If we lived closer we would would be great friends as I think we are a lot a like with our thoughts:)! I have a couple of frenemies that I go to church with right now...I feel horrible I feel that way about them and try to avoid them in the halls but, at least I know what to call them now:)lol

Scott said...

I think that frenemies are a phenomena that is almost completely isolated to female social groups. Why men don't experience this I'm not sure.

It seems pretty simple for me to not call and avoid the person that I dislike being around. Why do women have to complicate things (i.e. "get creative")?