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Monday, January 14, 2008

Dreyers mistake

Paul and I went to see if there were any more Girl Scout flavors of Dreyers ice cream on Saturday, and the sale was OVER! Actually, it looks like the sale was a mistake. The signs with the sale prices were pulled out and not replaced. On the end-cap there was a display of U of U ice cream for $1.25, and they had written on the sign: "This display only!!!!!"

Macey's loss, our delicious gain. We've finished off our first Samoa-flavored ice cream, and I couldn't be happier! :)


Hilary said...

Please let me know when the next one is open!! Or...I'll trade you one of my "U of U"s for one of your somoas. :)

Paul & Denise said...

I'm going to pretend Hilary didn't even mention buying U of U ice-cream. And there's always one open ... until they're gone.