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Sunday, January 27, 2008

We love Cosmo

There is nothing more exciting than seeing Cosmo. Okay, maybe a few things, but very few. Seems like any time you're at a game, the best part is finding the mascot. I've been looking for Cosmo at BYU games for, well, 33 years now. And while we're on the topic, what an awesome name! It's not something like "The Utah Jazz bear" -- Cosmo is a COOL name!

Yesterday we went to a BYU basketball game. It was a lot of fun, except for the traffic jam getting out of the parking lot. :) But up until that time, we enjoyed watching the game and being there with family and friends. We went with my sister Rachel and her kids with us, my dad, Hilary and her kids, and my friend Autumn's family. We'd been wanting to take our kids to a game for a while, so when we got a good sale we made a party of it.

So, during the slow parts of the game (time-outs and such) we looked for Cosmo. At one point he was in the stands only a few portals over from ours. I kept trying to point out to Zachary where he was, but he wasn't finding him. I tried over and over to explain where to look. I think the guy in front of us got a little sick of me trying to explain, so finally he turned around and said, "I'll just go get him and bring him over here."

Now, being the skeptics we are, Hilary and I didn't really believe he would bring Cosmo over to us. However, being the optimists we are, we got our cameras ready just in case. Then we got back into the game and forgot about it ... until Cosmo showed up next to our seats. Mind you, we were in a section filled with kids, so as soon as Cosmo appeared he was swamped!

My sister had taken Shayla out for a little bit, so I was afraid she'd miss the whole thing. And then she came back just in time to see Cosmo. So, I got a picture of all of my kids with Cosmo.

My camera wasn't fast enough to get more than about three pictures, but that's three more than we would have had without him coming over. I thanked the man in front of us for getting Cosmo over. He said, "No problem. I just told him it was your son's birthday!" Oops ...

So, now my kids can't say we never have any fun. If so I'll just pull out the pictures of them with Cosmo and ask what they mean. :) Go Cougs!!!

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