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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Random Happenings

I thought I'd post a few pictures of random happenings of our family, some of which you may never know unless you lived with us. So, to save the hassle of actually having you live with us, I'll just show you some behind-the-scenes photos of what we do when "nobody" is looking ...

Most of the pictures involve Shayla. She is so active these days and such a doll that we take lots of pictures. This first one goes to show how "stylish" she is. (Maybe she's learning the ropes from Becca. :) Anyway, she thinks that anytime she has a headband on she looks great. So, whenever she finds one around the house, she sticks it on me or has me put it on her. Obviously it looks fabulous on me :) but I decided a picture of her would show how glamorous any of you can look with the headband, '80s style ... not to mention left-over lunch on your face:
The next thing she LOVES to do is watch Baby Einstein. I've always wanted to go to Costco and buy the set for my kids, but it's something like $150. So, instead I've never really seen them. Last summer I found two on VHS at a yard sale for 25 cents. So, I snatched them up, and Shayla LOVES them. Needless to say, she watches them often at 5 p.m. while I make dinner. She laughs and points and gets such a kick that it tempts me to go buy more. Maybe next baby ...
Shayla is also very into cleaning. It's really cute. I just can't wait for her to get old enough to actually be helpful!!! Anyway, when we had some friends over, I guess she decided their baby Savannah needed a cleaner scalp. I mean, what else do you do with a bald head? So, she found a dish towel and started cleaning. Savannah was a good sport, even though you can tell she's not very amused. (Watch out, Lee! :)
And speaking of dish towels, she apparently thinks they are the greatest blankets for her new babies. Unfortunately she found the bottom drawer where I keep them, so I found her yesterday covering her baby with all the clean dish towels in the house. Too bad her baby has to sleep on the hard kitchen floor, though:

And the last picture of Shayla is actually a problem we're all having here these days. Can you believe the static electricity in the air?
As for Zachary, he's drawing up a storm as usual. This picture is of some characters he drew yesterday. The top four are superheroes: Stretchy Boy, Lightning Lad, Bouncy Boy and Superman. The bottom three are bad guys: Captain Bad Guy's bird (he has no name), Jellyfish man, who can sting you, and Conno. His creativity is awesome:
Last week at school Tyler was the star of the week. (Of course, he missed two days with strep, so it was a short week to be the star. :) Anyway, he got to decorate a star to tell about himself. We had each "leg" of the star give some details. As you can see, the top one is about his love of piggies. It has a cute picture of him with Silky (his favorite) on his head. The top right has a picture of him with each member of the family. The top left highlights some of the things he likes to play: PBSkids.org, legos, Pikmin and Star Wars Legos II (Game Cube), and soccer. The bottom has things he likes to watch: Cyberchase, Cars, Herbie movies, and BYU football. We were able to make all of the things on the star into stickers to attach thanks to a sticker machine we got from Grandma Brown the week before the star was due. Thank you!
And of course, Becca is into looking her best for the boys in Junior High school. (She insists she's not nearly as boy crazy as she used to be ...) Anyway, she decided that curlers would look great in her hair. So, we got her some and have been rolling them up. Since I don't have a picture of the "after" you get to see the "before." Shayla wanted in on the action since I'm sure it looked girly, so we put one in her hair, too. As you can also see, our camera has severe red-eye issues. We don't like the red-eye reducer since it slows down the camera, so we just fix them manually, which I didn't do on this picture.
And that's about it for now. I'll make sure to keep the silly pictures of me at home instead of on the blog. My kids don't have such luxury ... :)

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Hilary said...

Oh come on, Denise. I really want to see the picture of you with a headband! And I'll be sure to bring Lee over for his soon-to-be-regular scalp treatment with Shayla. :)