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Friday, January 4, 2008

Stink Eye

So, have you ever gotten a REALLY dirty look? (I guess that's a silly question -- if you haven't, then you're just not paying close enough attention.) Anyway, Shayla has started giving them. She did it first at some guests we'd never met on Sunday. My friend and ex-roommate Naoko came to visit from Japan (hooray!!!), and her friends who drove her here got the first stink eye we've ever seen Shayla give.

Now, her dirty looks would be great ... if they weren't so cute! My brother Brandon and his family I think were the ones to coin the phrase "stink eye" in our family. Needless to say, Shayla has a great stink eye. Here are the pictures to prove it ... although she generally is looking down when she does it, so getting a picture proved to be very difficult.

She's not grumpy when she gives them, she just doesn't want that particular person to be talking to her and that's how she shows it. I think it's adorable. And I'd love to hope that she's getting it out of her system so that we don't see it anymore when she's a teenager (as if!). Brandon, are you still getting the stink eye from your teen and tween girls?

1 comment:

Hilary said...

Yeah, you got a picture of it! It seems to me that Shayla is cute no matter what look she's giving, but this one is definitely a keeper!