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Monday, February 25, 2008

Fry Sauce -- YEAH!!!

Okay, if you've never been to Utah or surrounding states you probably haven't tasted fry sauce. I'm so sorry to inform you that you are seriously missing out. I didn't even realize it was a "Utah" thing until I left Utah and asked for some. I found none in Washington, D.C. I found none in California or Nevada. I found none in Georgia.

All I got when I asked for fry sauce in these places was confused looks. "You mean barbeque sauce?" No! Fry sauce! When I was in high school I once described it to a friend. About six months later she wrote to me from Wyoming and said the McDonald's where she worked started carrying fry sauce. That's when she knew I wasn't completely crazy ...

Anyway, I've always been bummed that you can only get it when you're out to eat. (Around here almost every fast food place used to carry it -- some stopped to save costs -- and even places like Red Robin carry it.) However, fortunately Some Dude realized that we Utahns need fry sauce at home, too. So, he now produces it so I can buy it in the stores. That's right: Some Dude's Fry Sauce is available at any grocery story, including Walmart and Costco. You should see the bottle I got from Costco!!!

Our favorite way to eat fry sauce is to add just a drop of BBQ sauce. This gives it a nice zip that you just can't resist. Seriously, there is no using ketchup after trying this stuff. Shayla agrees. A few nights ago she was sleeping while we ate dinner. When she woke up I just squirted some fry sauce on the pan and let her eat what was left of the french fries.

I laughed out loud when I looked over and saw her face planted in the fry sauce. Skip the eating it WITH french fries -- she was licking it up all by itself. And look how happy you can see she was:

In this one you can also see how long her hair is getting:

In any case, if you have't tried this stuff make sure I have some on hand next time I see you!!!

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Hilary said...

Shayla, you have simply got to stop being so cute! You might start making your mother want another cute little girl! :)