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Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Mitt Love

I believe our government will continue to go downhill no matter who is elected because of the whole "politics" aspect of politics. (The joys of not having a king, huh? :) So, should we just elect Hillary so we can ruin the government further to try to expedite the second coming? No, and this is the reason I thought of this morning: We still have so many nations in which to preach the gospel before the second coming of the Savior can happen. Think of how many political doors it could open for Mitt to be in the White House. Just imagine missionaries in EVERY country! Thought I'd share a random, cool thought I had a thought this morning.

Side note: When Bill Clinton was elected I was seriously sick to my stomach. I'd rather not have that feeling again. I actually had a professor postpone the due date of a paper we were writing because of the depressing election results that year ...

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Family of 7 said...

Yes...Go Mitt! Help make calls to Super Tuesday states by joining team Mitt today! I actually have a dilema...we just found out that on Monday Mitt is going to be in town her in GA but, I have a Dentist appointment at the same time. I have a cold so, I'm not lying to the Dentist if I cancel my appointment due to illness right?! I met Mitt last Summer but, I want to take my older girls to the rally.

I don't think any other candidate on either side will lead our country in the direction we would like to go. I will be ill if McCain wins the nomination!