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Friday, February 15, 2008

Yummy Food

Last night for Valentine's Day we went for the first time to P.F. Chang's. I really wish we hadn't! Not only was the food DELICIOUS, but their service was great AND we found out that they're really reasonably priced. Now the temptation to go there again begins ... as if we ever eat out anyway! :).

Really, it was great food. I'd heard about their lettuce wraps, and they were all that they were talked up to be. We also got the Mongolian Beef and Dan dan noodles. I'm sorry if you've been there and tried that Mongolian beef, because now you must be craving it again with me mentioning it. Mmmmm .... I felt like I should act like Bob on "What about Bob?" when he eats with the family. Remember that part where he keeps taking a bite and saying, "Mmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmm" until the psychologist screams at him? That's how I felt (like Bob, not the psychologist). The best part for us was that we had a gift card from Paul's work, so the entire meal was free for us. Score! And since we made reservations, we walked in and didn't have to wait for a second. Wait!!! Back up: The best part was that we were sans kids and were able to enjoy the yummy food without interruption. :)

This was our 8th Valentine's Day together, and it was great. We came home and watched an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where they go out to eat at a fancy restaurant and have nothing to talk about but how good the bread is. I'm glad we're not to that point, and I hope we never are!

And to sorta satisfy Paul's inner geek we stopped at Best Buy to look at camcorders. We can't wait to get a new one! Anyway, I mentioned that we should ask if we can talk to someone from the Nerd Herd. He laughed out loud over that one. He said any respectable geek should know what I'm talking about. So, when we went in and started looking, an employee asked if he could help us out. As he was getting a camcorder out for us, I asked, "So, are you on the nerd herd?" He said, "No, this isn't the Buy More." He passed! Now we can truly value his opinion. :) And if the rest of you are lost as to what I'm talking about, you should try watching Chuck sometimes. Paul says it's like cotton candy -- not a lot of substance, but fun to watch.

And on that note, HOORAY that the writer's strike is over!!! I wish I were paid that much for a wacky sense of humor ... it's just that I'm not wacky enough, I suppose ... :)

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Dashley said...

I am sorry everyone in your family is so sick!!! I am glad that you and Paul had a nice Valentine's Day. We did too, but we stayed home. I made Derek chocolate covered strawberries. YUM! Are you going to visit us when you come to Disneyland? Went last night and lets just say it is a great way to spend ones time and money. :)