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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Global Warming?

So, we keep hearing over and over about Global Warming and about how the planet is getting hotter and hotter and it's causing all sorts of problems and such. Have the people saying this EVER visited Utah during the winter???

Yesterday as I was shoveling the driveway (and had it re-covered with snow before I finished) I had this thought: If this is global warming, bring it on!!! I'd rather have it this "hot" during the winter, because it is freezing!!! We're not supposed to get above 30 this week, and most days I believe supposed to be lower than that. The sun is shining outside right now and it is 18 degrees. YES, 18 degrees!!! This is global warming?

(On a funny side note, my weather report says it is now 18 degrees, but the low today will be 23. Figure out that one for me.)

This is the kind of entertainment we have in global warming:

Notice we didn't have the usuals, so we used cranberries for eyes and a pickle for the nose? Hope you're enjoying your warm globe as much as we are this winter!

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