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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Murphy's Law ...

Who was Murphy, and how did he get so infamous? Personally I don't like the guy a bit! More specifically, I don't like how his law has come into practice for us this week with regards to medical issues.

First, Shayla has had a really bad cold since Sunday. She was definitely not feeling her best on Sunday, and she seemed miserable on Monday. So, I decided Monday afternoon that if she was still so miserable on Tuesday then I would take her to the doctor. I finally realize that I should take her temperature at something like 6:01 p.m. When I lifted her up I saw that she had a rash on her stomach and back. Of course, our doctor's office closed at 6 p.m. Grrrr .... Murphy!

Then today Paul woke up saying his throat hurt. Okay, fine. We went about our day, and I was looking forward to the leadership training meeting at 6 p.m. Hilary decided to go with us instead of to hers at 9 a.m., so that made it even better. Turns out that at 5:15ish Paul says he feels terrible and has to go to the doctor. Why not two hours earlier?!? We call InstaCare, and they say they have a 1.5-hour wait and close at 8. So much for being spiritually uplifted on a Saturday night and hearing Pres. Monson for the first time as prophet. Grrr ... Murphy!!!

Maybe I'll continue to postpone genealogy just to make sure I don't find a line related to this bad-luck guy!

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